Romantic Theme

You will be pleasantly surprised if you choose our romantic theme for our in-home Jacuzzi rental. In this theme, our employees have gone some extra miles to find the appropriate decoration that will please you, a romantic decoration where everything will be in the colors of love. With our very attractive price of 130 euros for the rental of your Jacuzzi at home for 24 hours, you will only have more pleasant moments with the feeling of getting your money’s worth if not more. Never hesitate to suggest to us your style of decoration because we are always ready to adapt ourselves the goal here being to make your happiness and to allow you to spend some unforgettable moments with the person who is very dear to you. In a very few words, we say that the choice that you made to come and rent your Spa at home with our company remains a very good choice and you will never be disappointed for having chosen us to rent your Jacuzzi at home with us.